Eunji makes a reference to former A-Pink member Yookyung at the Paeksang Awards!



A-Pink’s Jung Eunji made a reference to recently departed member Hong Yookyung.

Eunji received the newcomer award in the television category at the ’49th Hi-One Paeksang Arts Awards’ that took place on the 9th at Kyunghee University’s Peace Hall.

Jung Eunji successfully played the role of Sung Siwon on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’ and was able to win the award. 

Eunji gave her thoughts about the award by saying, “I would like to thank the president of our company and also the staff of the company as well. I want to thank my mom and dad who are watching at home” and “A Pink. Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Yookyung, Namjoo, and Hayoung. You are all probably congratulating me right now so I want to say thank you and that I love you.”

She named all the members of A-Pink while accepting her award and also including the name of recently departed member Yookyung.



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