Joonhyung talks about his school days!


Yong Joonhyung along with actors Ha Yeonsoo and Kim Haneul appeared on a special episode of Mnet’s ‘Inside Stars-Monstar’ that was broadcast on the 9th. The actors spoke with determination on that day. When asked about his school days, Yong Joonhyung stated, “Whenever I danced in front of other people, I felt this great happiness and so I decided on my dream early on” and spoke about his reasons in becoming a singer. 

He also stated, “At that time, I did not think of it but now I think ‘I should have made more memories with my friends then'” and shared his regrets about the time as well.

Netizens reacted to Joonhyung’s words by saying, “Joonhyung was sure of his dreams since his school days”, “How much did he dance during his school days…”, “You should create memories with me”, “What kind of happiness did he feel during his school days?” and “He must have really liked dance during that time.”



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