A belated Dream Concert Review!

Dream Concert Review

Hello all! A few weeks ago, we got to see 31 idols perform live at Dream Concert in Seoul, Korea. A lot of sites said that there was going to be 21 idols and that the show was going to start at 6:30. However, you might not have known that they also had a pre-show. We arrived around 4 p.m. and at 4:30 p.m., the pre-show started with rookie groups. The first to perform was a band named Air Band, this band consisted of one guitar player and one drummer. They were quite entertaining and I thought it was smart to have them go first. They have a candy rock style so it was fun for a crowd of Kpop fans. The other groups that performed in the pre-show in no particular order were Delight, A-prince, Tiny-G, Off Road, 24K, Glam, Toxic and N-Sonic. Each of the groups did one song and gave a short introduction.

A little after 6:30pm, the show began. The hosts were Onew (Shinee), Hara (Kara) and DooJoon (Beast). They walked on the stage and started their introductions until they were notified that something went wrong so they had to do it all over again. You could tell they were a little embarrassed.

The first group to perform was Rainbow. I won’t do a review on all the performances, but if you have some specific questions about a group please ask and we can answer the questions for you. All the groups did very well. Each group did 2-3 songs and a short introduction with the exception of T-ara N4. They only performed 1 song and they did not give an introduction.

The concert order went as follows:

1. Rainbow
2. EXO
3. B1A4
4. Huh Gak
5. Girls’ Day
6. Boyfriend
7. BtoB
8. Ubeat/U-Kiss
9. Special stage- Ze:A/Girls’ Day
10. 2AM
11. Secret
12. Infinite
13. KARA
14. Ze:A
15. Vixx
16. Evol
17. Speed
18. Special stage- Sistar’s Hyorin and 2am’s Changmin
19. T-ara N4
20. 4 Minute
21. Sistar
22. B2st
23. Shinee
24. Girl’s Generation

The concert ended around 11:00pm. It was really entertaining and very professional. I would recommend going to see a Dream Concert in your country or maybe come to the next one in Korea in 2014. If you are a huge K-pop fan then this is definitely your type of concert. You can see most of your favorite idols in one setting for a reasonable price. If you have any questions about Dream Concert please let us know in the comments and we will answer as quickly as possible.



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