How did T-ARA N4 do in the states?



It has been reported that T-ARA N4 had a humiliating performance at an outdoor swimming pool while in America. Their company clarified the situation by saying, “It is a misunderstanding based on people that were not actually there.” 

It was previously reported that T-ARA N4 were invited as special guests to open for singer Chris Brown. However, when looking at an uploaded video through an online community, it showed T-ARA N4 performing at an outdoor swimming pool stage.

A representative from T-ARA’s company said on the 28th on TVReport, “It is currently celebration time in America due to MDW2013 (Memorial Day Weekend 2013). There were misunderstandings due to cultural differences between the U.S and Korea. We think that people in Korea misunderstood the situation while watching the video” and “The concert was done in a part format. T-ARA took pictures with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose after their successful performance.”

When asked about their more revealing stage outfits, the representative stated, “We only matched the clothes to the performance environment” and “It took place at a swimming pool so we wanted to have a cool stage. The reaction to T-ARA N4’s performance was quite good.”

As there was an incident with a missing bag, member Jiyeon came back to Korea first while the other members of Ahreum, Eunjung, and Hyomin will arrive later.

Editor’s question: What do you guys think? Is it really a matter of cultural differences?




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