Ailee shows off her cooking skills!


Singer Ailee showed off her cooking skills.

She uploaded a picture on her Twitter on the 28th with the words “I displayed my skills for the first time in a long time for my hardworking dancers and manager~ Doesn’t it look delicious? I am a cooking woman.”

 The picture shows various types of foods on display on a table.

 Netizens wrote “She is a top grade prospective bride” and “It looks really plentiful.”


Yoona, Yuri, and Tiffany attend VIP preview for ‘Tough as Iron’!



The VIP preview of the movie ‘Tough as Iron’ took place at the CGV in Wangsimri. The movie stars Yoo Ah-In and Kim Hyesook.

 Girls’ Generation member Yoona was wearing a wine colored dress that showed off her femininity. There was a dizzying situation in which her bag lifted up part of her layered skirt.




Hangeng talks about the troubles he had while he was in Super Junior!


Content from an interview done by former Super Junior member Hangeng has been gaining attention.

He appeared on a Beijing music program on the 28th and talked about the reason why he left Super Junior.

He stated “I thought I needed to earn money during that time. The most important thing was to earn money and not to earn fame so my parents could be more comfortable” and “That was the biggest thing at the time.”

He also stated “I was the first foreign celebrity to debut in Korea so the laws were not perfected yet and my activities were limited” and “There were times when I could not participate in activities. I would just stay in my dormitory and I felt that I lost hope and would cry.”

 He continued by saying “I wanted to be an actor but it did not happen that way” and “The reason why I left the company was that I was not happy with my work. I had a lot of dissatisfaction. I was so unsure of myself that I even had suicidal thoughts.”

 Finally he said “I thought strongly that I need to leave. I secretly took the documents to the law office and started to prepare the lawsuit. I talked with the manager daily to make sure the company did not get suspicious and I prepared it secretly.”

 The reactions towards the interview contents have been mostly negative. (Editors note: They do not say it clearly here but they probably mean by Korean netizens)

 Hangeng debuted with Super Junior in 2005 and had a fight with SM Entertainment over his contract and left the group in 2009. He is currently working in China as an actor.





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Minah shows off a short hairstyle!


Girl’s Day member Minah changed her hair into a short hairstyle.

She uploaded the picture on her Twitter on the 30th with the words “I cut my hair. How is it???” In the picture, Mina is wearing a hat backwards and is making a v sign towards the camera. The picture gained attention as she does not have her usual long hair but rather a short hairstyle.

However, she had to wear a wig for the MBC sitcom ‘Thoughtless Family 3’ and it has been revealed that she did not actually cut her hair.

Netizens wrote “Minah’s hair suits her” and “I think long hair suits her more.”

Girl’s Day finished their promotions for ‘Talk to Me’ and are each doing their own individual activities.


Eunhyuk poses with his dog!


Eunhyuk shared a picture that he took with his dog named Choco.

He uploaded a picture on his Twitter on the 30th with the words “I am at home! Bark choco!”

In the picture, Eunhyuk is with his dog. He is looking at Choco with warmth in his eyes and looks as if he is about to kiss it. Netizens wrote “It looks like a magazine”, “Those lips are cute”, and “Super Junior Fighting!”

Eunhyuk’s group Super Junior will be holding a concert on October 24th in the Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena.


Jessica shows off her delicious dinner!


Girls’ Generation member Jessica shared a picture of her dinner.

She uploaded a picture on her Weibo on the 29th with the words “The best food and also wine that I like. Perfect.” In the picture, there is a bottle of wine along with a seafood dish.

 The plentiful seafood dish looks appetizing and the colors of the dish grab attention.

 Netizens wrote “It looks delicious. How do you not gain weight when you eat like that”, “Take a picture of yourself eating it” and “What is good about that wine?”


Hyungsik suffers indoors for a photo shoot!


A picture of ZE:A member Park Hyungsik suffering during a photo shoot has been released.

A clothing brand released sketch pictures of Park Hyungsik on their official Facebook account on the 30th.

In the pictures, Hyungsik is wearing a padded jacket indoors and is working hard to deal with the heat. Even though it was hot, he was able to make jokes and show cuteness on site and loosened up the environment.

He showed cool poses during the shooting and it has been reported he received praise from the production staff.

Netizens wrote “He is humble as he is the trend right now”, “I see him a lot these days” and “Those looks and aegyo. He is a perfect idol.”