Song Joongki to undergo 6 weeks of training before active service!


Actor Song Joongki will receive six weeks of training rather than the normal five weeks with the 22nd Division Recruit Squadron.

Song Joongki was drafted in on the 27th in the city of Chuncheon in Gangwon Province and was sent to the 22nd Division to receive his training. He entered into the military with the 3rd Squdron Class 724 and will begin his active duty as a soldier after his required training.

However, the 22nd Division TI and E officer revealed on the internet community for the division that the training will be held for six rather than five weeks.

A representative for the division stated, “The Chuseok holidays, Armed Forces Day, National Foundation Day, and Korean Language Day brought many difficulties in securing training days and that is why the completion ceremony has been adjusted to October 10th” and “This is why the 724th class will be training for six weeks rather than five and have their completion ceremony on Thursday.”

Song Joongki will receive six weeks of training and after receiving two more weeks of training in the later part of the year will receive his military placement.

The 22nd Division normally released the signature list of the recruits that included pictures, shifts, and other personal information but the 724th class will not have its information released.

The TI and E officer stated on the internet community on the 3rd, “The ‘Military Life’ corner that was shared online for the recruits parents has been seen as a conflict of interest with security by the superior officers and it has been discontinued.”


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