Super Junior’s Siwon supports singer Yerim Kim!


Super Junior member Choi Siwon showed enthusiasm for junior singer Yerim Kim who recently made a comeback.

 Siwon wrote on his twitter on the 10th, “Oh! The music video for the song ‘Voice’ (feat. Swings) is really really cool” and also included a link for the music video in his tweet.

 ‘Voice’ is a medium tempo song that shows off the unique tone of Yerim Kim’s voice. It is a song that is about remembering the voice of a departed lover and it is memorable song with emotional lyrics. Rapper Swings, who is currently the hottest rapper in the industry, also makes an appearance and brings supporting strength to the song.

 Yerim Kim made a successful debut with the song ‘Alright’ last June and has the full support of her company’s president and producer Yoon Jongshin. The album also includes Swings, Yoo Heeyeol, Jung Jaehyung, and Pure Kim, and these charming voices adds to the completeness of the album.

 ‘Voice’ is currently in a comfortable position on the top of the music charts and is receiving a lot of love.

 Netizens that saw Siwon’s tweet wrote, “Are you close with Yerim Kim?”, “You must really like the song?”, “Siwon oppa is cool”, and “Yerim’s song is great.”



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