What should Kara do in order to avoid being the next T-ARA? (Translation from Sports Seoul)


Note: This article was written by Park So Young of Sports Seoul


Girl Group Kara (Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung) were once known as the ‘Lively Idols’. I vividly remember when they came out on MBC’s ‘Show-Vival’ after their debut in the year 2007 and tried to make their name known. Han Seung Yeon worked hard to get the name of her team out and even had the unfortunate nickname of ‘Han Searching For (Ed note: Looking for popularity for her group)’. Kara was very innocent and fresh during that time.


However, they have suddenly found themselves in controversy regarding their attitude. Members Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung appeared on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star’ and their reactions to the tough questions given to them by the hosts have become poison to them. Goo Hara cried when she was called ‘Dating-dol’ and she even threw a bottle at host Kyuhyun. Seung Yeon then stated, “That was really harsh. We hear everything as well, you know.” In another situation, Kang Jiyoung started crying when she was asked to show cuteness (aegyo and started the ‘Second Cry Situation’ by continually saying, “I do not want to do this. I really do not have any cuteness.”


The MC’s were also shocked by the unexpected behavior that Kara showed. Kyuhyun tried to handle the situation by saying it was a “joke” but Goo Hara continued to sniffled and said, “I am really mad (The reason why she was crying).” Host Kim Gura, who is known for being harsh even said “I am sorry” to Jiyoung after asking her to show her cuteness. The other hosts Kim Kookjin and Yoon Jongshin were also very shocked.


Kara found themselves in a cloud of judgment after the broadcast. Opinions from netizens stated, “There are so many idols that want to appear on ‘Radio Star’”, “Are they not adjusted to Korea after being in Japan for so long?, “I understand as a woman that they are crying but it is not proper to throw a bottle”, and “Where did the lively idols go?.” There were also opinions that stated that the broadcast was edited unfairly towards Kara.


Han Seung Yeon became the group’s representative during the criticism. She wrote a day after the broadcast on her Twitter, “We would like to apologize for those that watched our broadcast on ‘Radio Star’ and also become uncomfortable because of it” and “We deeply regret not being able to show professional behavior due to our own personal situations. We will now show a brighter side to ourselves and become the Seung Yeon, Hara, and Jiyoung that are more hardworking.”


However, the reactions of those watching Kara are still cold. People watching the next broadcast with Kara kept trying to find faults with them. Goo Hara appeared on KBS2’s ‘Full House’ on the 6th and stated, “I used to be very nervous during the filming of variety shows and also looking around but now I am much more comfortable” and these words became the hunting ground for the anti-fans. Reactions to selca’s taken by the group members have also met with cold reactions.


This situation naturally brings up the situation of group T-ARA. T-ARA was once loved by fans but found themselves falling to the ground due to a mistake. Reactions to anything article regarding T-ARA is met with harshness. The half-hearted apologies and rash explanations of T-ARA’s company continue to make fans turn against them.


Kara needs to be careful from this point forward. It does not end because a member apologizes on Twitter. They need to go on broadcasts with sincerity and they have to sing even harder than before. In a saturated idol market it is easy for fans to turn on them due to a mistake. The reason is that anti-fans are fans that have turned their backs.

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/ranking/read.nhn?mid=etc&sid1=111&rankingType=popular_day&oid=073&aid=0002312364&date=20130910&type=1&rankingSeq=6&rankingSectionId=106


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