Crayon Pop’s Elin has an accident on stage!


Member Elin of group Crayon Pop slipped during a performance in the rain and moved the hearts of ans.

 Crayon Pop performed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ at the festival for Sungkyunkwan University on the 10th in the rain.

 They were dancing smoothly in the rain when member Elin jumped up and then slipped when she came down to the ground. However, she did not show any signs of being hurt and gave a slight embarrassed smile and continued the performance to the loud applause of fans.

 Fans supported the group by taking off their rain jackets and throwing them at the group.

 A representative from Crayon Pop’s company stated, “Crayon Pop started performing at university festivals at Suwon’s Sungkyunkwan University and are planned to tour ten universities in Korea.”

 Crayon Pop released ‘Bar Bar Bar 2.0 (Global Version)’ on Youtube’s VEVO channel on the 8th and received over 570,000 views in 45 hours.



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