Naeun has special feelings for Taemin!


A Pink member Son Naeun revealed that she has developed special feelings for ‘Pretend Husband’ Taemin from group SHINee.

 She stated at the press conference for MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan that “I think that I developed special feelings as we have been doing things together that I have not been able to do before.”

 She also stated, “I cried as I saw the other couples leave the show. I naturally thought about the end of us as well” and “I feel like we are still getting to know each other more and I think that we have a lot to show each other. This is why I do not want it to end yet. I hope we can continue for a long time.”

 She also revealed, “We still contact each other from time to time outside of filming” and “I developed special feelings as we are doing new things together. I hope that I can continue to be close and have a good relationship with him.”

 When asked about her pretend husband compared to the others, she made everyone laugh by saying “My husband is the best” and showed her warm feelings for Taemin.



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