Photo from Taeyeon’s new Nature Republic advertisement released!


Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon showed off her fresh smile for a cosmetics advertisement.

 The cosmetics brand Nature Republic showed a picture from the filming for a television advertisement for the brand.

 A representative from the brand stated the story behind the advertisement is one of Taeyeon travelling 15,000 km to Morocco in order to find the secret behind the pure moisture located in nature. There is a lot of buzz behind the advertisement as Taeyeon is trying to show the mysteriousness of the product through her lively expression and her special charms.  

 The representative also stated, “Taeyeon’s advertisement focuses on ‘The Origin of Nature’ and she showed off a lot of cuteness and sweet laughs during the filming” and “She encouraged the tired staff on set and also made the environment lively.”

 Taeyeon was recently chosen as the model for the brand along with top idol group EXO.


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