FT Island’s Hongki would consider international marriage!


FT Island’s Lee Hongki stated that he has previously dreamt of having an international marriage.

 Lee Hongki appeared in the fashion magazine ‘At Style’ for its October Issue for a photoshoot and an interview and confessed that “I have had some interest in international marriage and that is why I appeared on the international version of ‘We Got Married’.

 He appeared on cable channel MBC Everyone’s ‘We Got married International Version’ with Japanese actress Fujii Mina from April to July.

 He also shared his thoughts about his pretend wife by stating that “Fujii Mina is really kind and I had a great time filming.”

 He recalled the times he spent filming and said “It was really fun when the members of FT Island showed up during filming. They came to congratulate us during the filming our wedding episode and they even sang a congratulatory song so I was very grateful.”

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/ranking/read.nhn?mid=etc&sid1=111&rankingType=popular_day&oid=008&aid=0003116244&date=20130912&type=1&rankingSectionId=106&rankingSeq=12


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