Past photos of Soyou and Mad Clown gain attention!


A potential love connection has been formed due to past pictures of Sistar’s Soyou and Mad Clown on a date in Seoul’s French Village.

A recent posting on an internet community message board had the title of ‘Sistar’s Soyou and Mad Clown? Paparazzi appear at the French Village! A peculiar mood? No way’ along with a few pictures.

In the pictures, Soyou and Mad Clown have smiles on their faces and are walking while talking in a friendly manner.

Sistar’s management company stated that the two met due to the recording of their duet song.

Netizens wrote “Soyou and Mad Clown actually match”, “Soyou’s body is amazing”, “Soyou and Mad Clown would look great it they dated”, “They match”, and “They are both attractive.”


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