EXO literally stop (foot) traffic!


(A picture from the event)

Idol group EXO had a situation in which their fan signing in Daejeon has to be suspended due to a large crowd.

 EXO’s company SM Entertainment made a statement to MyDaily on the 16th and said “There were plans to open a fan signing at 5:30 p.m. at Daejeon’s Eunhaeng-dong in celebration of EXO’s repackaged 1st album ‘XOXO’. The signing was originally slated to be an open one but there were so many people that it was not possible to continue with it and so we had to stop the event for a bit.”

The representative also said “There were so many fans that the EXO members just stood on stage and greeted the fans but that was all they could do due to safety. Later, the fan signing event was changed to a closed event.”

 EXO fans went to internet message boards on the 15th to talk about the event and uploaded pictures show the amount of fans that were present and further prove EXO’s popularity. One fan wrote “I expected that there were going to be a lot of people but not this many. However, I am really happy that I got to see their faces.”

 EXO entered the music scene in April of last year with their song ‘MAMA’ and they received a lot of love through their song ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ that were included in their 1st official album that was released in June. They are called the trend of the moment.

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LS2D&mid=shm&sid1=106&sid2=221&oid=117&aid=0002375506


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