Netizens react coldly to news of T-ARA’s comeback!


Girl group T-ARA will be returning with their original six members for the first time in 1 year and 5 months. However, the reactions of netizens towards them has been cold.

 T-ARA’s management company Core Contents Entertainment revealed that “T-ARA’s comeback date has been decided as October 10th.”

 T-ARA will be releasing a teaser that was shot in the desert on the 25th that will be three minutes long. They will be releasing teaser videos and posters as well.

 The fact that the group is returning with their original members has been gaining attention. Former member Ahreum, that joined the group late, left the group and the group returned to their original lineup.

 Core Contents Media stated that the group will be returning with a strong image.

 However, reactions from netizens to the group have been very cold. A user of Me2Day wrote “T-ARA has lost their fans in Korea.” Another user wrote “T-ARA has more anti fans than actual fans.”

 These sorts of reactions began in July of 2012 when there were reports of discord between the members and former member Hwayoung leaving the group officially.



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