Photos of Kyuhyun’s sister are revealed!


Photos of Super Junior member Kyuhyun’s sister have been released.

 KBS2’s ‘Happy Sunday-Mama Mia’ was broadcast on the 15th with an ‘Idol Special Part 2’ and featured the idols Minzy of 2NE1, Gyuri of Kara, Chun Myung Hoon, Chunji of Teen Top, and Kyuhyun of Super Junior and their mothers.

 When asked about Kyuhyun’s best scene (during performances), Kyuhyun’s mother chose his winning performance on ‘Immortal Song’.

 She laughed when saying “He was like a real singer there” and Kyuhyun also spoke about the performance by saying “The best thing about that performance was that the other performers were all idols. We competed by separating dances and ballads and it was memorable when I won because of it.”

 MC Heo Kyunghwan said “It looks as if your sister plays violin” and Kyuhyun explained “My sister has been playing violin in Vienna, Austria for about 20 years.”

 He also explained “My sister helped me at that time” and reminisced about that moment.



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