IU to return next month!


 IU will be coming back with her 3rd album on October 7th.

 A representative from her agency LOEN Entertainment stated on the 17th “IU will be releasing her 3rd album titled ‘Modern Times’ on October 7th and she will begin her activities as a singer.”

 Teasers and an illustrated guide map have been released with clues about songs included in the album. This has also raised much interest in the album.

 The first teaser image shoes IU giving off a strong yet seductive look. She has a feminine hair style with long wavy hair and gives off a completely different look from her ‘Nation’s Younger Sister’ one. It is a new look but this daring new look makes her look more mature than before.

 She is also seen in one picture sitting on the floor with her shoes off while holding a guitar. She is seen holding a guitar and has a mysterious look in her face while indifferently blowing a balloon with gum. She is showing off a chic and charming image and shows a new side of herself.

 The album titled’ Modern Times’ was lead and produced by Cho Young Chul and was made in a period of nine months. The types of music included are jazz, bossa nova, swing, Latin pop, and punk and included many different types of music in high quality.

Source: http://www.segye.com/content/html/2013/09/17/20130917000490.html?OutUrl=naver


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