Key considers himself Taemin’s dating coach and has a few complaints for SM!


SHINee member Key had a few complaints towards SM Entertainment, his managing agency.

He appeared on MBC variety show ‘Radio Star’ and poured out his thoughts. He stated “I feel like only major members appear on this show” and MC Kim Gura asked “Are not all four members of SHINee considered major members?”

The whole studio laughed when fellow MC Kyuhyun reminded Kim Gura that “SHINee has five members.”

When asked “Why do you think you cannot distinguish yourself on variety shows?”, Key answered “I can only do it if my company places me on the shows. I wonder why they do not send me to these shows” and shared his displeasure.

Kim Gura proceeded to ask “Are you not doing any solo activities at the moment?” Key answered “I am currently acting as Taemin’s dating coach as he is on the show (We Got married). It would be really nice if I could be on ‘We Got Married’” and shared his desires to appear on variety shows.

 Netizens wrote “Since Key shared his displeasure maybe his company will send him now”, “Key’s complaints are cute”, “It would be nice to see Key on ‘We Got Married’.”  



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