Park Jimin explains how she deals with negative comments!


Park Jimin recently spoke about how she dealt with negative comments.

 She appeared on the new family variety show ‘Golden Family’ that was broadcast on the 18th which features celebrities and their family members. She talked about a nickname given to her by saying “I am very lively during broadcasts so I received the nickname ‘나대지 (Pig that is running around)’ which is a mixture of ‘Running wild’ and ‘I am a pig’.

 She also stated that “I used to get hurt by these comments. My parents told me it would be good for me to handle the comments positively so I decided to accept it and move on.”

 She was able to get over the comments with the help of her parents and she said “Now when I see the comments I can say, ‘That is right. I am a bit of a pig that is running around.”



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