SHINee’s Key talks about his family!



SHINee member Key talked about the change in his family’s fortune.

He appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on the 18th for the ‘Lax Gentlemen’ episode with Kim Minjong, ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik, and Dana.

MC Kim Gura said “Park Hyung Sik and Key are both considered enviable sons. Park Hyung Sik’s father is a director at a foreign car company and I heard that Key’s father is a branch manager at a stock firm.

Key talked about his family by saying “It is true. My father works at a stock frim and my mother is a nurse.”

Kim Gura asked “Is your father doing well? Is the business going well?” Key replied “My family was not doing so well when I was young but everything became better as I became successful. My father is doing well and my mother got promoted” and showed off about his family.

 Kim Gura also asked “Do you think you were the cause of the reversal of your family’s fortune?” and Yoon Jongshin made everyone laugh when he said “These kinds of characters are doing well these days.”


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