Key imitates Yang Hyunsuk!


 A Pink members Son Naeun and Jung Eunji went to visit SHINee’s dormitory on the episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married 4’ that was broadcast on the 21st.

 Taemin and Son Naeun proceeded to make songpyeon (rice cakes) and Son Naeeun had brought Jung Eunji as a guest to the dormitory to say hello. Eunji had previously met SHINee’s Key on a double date and had brought a present for him. The present was a hat and the SHINee members teased Key that the hat was too small for him. Key insisted that “I did not wear it tightly enough” and proceeded to force it on his head.

 Members Minho and Jonghyun said “Ah! Yang Hyunsuk!” when they saw him wear the hat. Key proceeded to imitate YG Entertainment head Yang Hyunsuk. He ended looking a lot like him when wearing the hat. Everyone started laughing when they saw him do the imitation and Eunji said “It is exactly the same.”



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