Nine Muses member Kyungri shows her closeness with ZE:A’s Kevin and Heechul!


Nine Muses member Kyungri uploaded two pictures on her Twitter with the words, “Idol Athletic Championship. Selca (selfie) with ZE:A’s Kevin and Heechul oppa.” In the pictures, Kyungri, Heechul, and Kevin look as if they are brother and sister and show off their closeness.

 The pictures were taken at MBC’s ‘Idol Athletic Championship’ that was held on the 3rd.

 Netizens responded by saying “Kyungri, Kevin, and Heechul are good looking so the pictures look good”, “Kyungri, Kevin, and Heechul’s picture. Kyungri’s beauty shines”, and “It looks as if the three are close.”



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