Key is grateful for the birthday wishes!


SHINee’s Key showed off his birthday cake.

 Key uploaded a picture on his Instagram on the 23rd with the words “Today is my birthday. I tried to read all the congratulatory and encouraging messages that were sent to me. Your love does not only touch me but when I close my eyes and become Kim Kibum, my heart becomes warmer and I smile. I believe that my heart and my love will go to you as well. I will become a brighter and reliable person. Thank you. I love you.”

In the picture, Key is wearing a red checkered shirt and is holding a cake that has candles with the number 23 on them. He is also making a v with his fingers. He looks very happy in his picture and his expression gained attention from those looking.

 Netizens wrote “Key, I wish you are a happy birthday”, “He looks satisfied”, and “Who are you going to eat the cake with?”



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