Naeun shows off her charms for ‘SURE’ magazine!


A Pink member Son Naeun showed off her charms through a magazine photo shoot.

 ‘SURE’ magazine released pictures of current ‘Television Trend Star’ Son Naeun on the 23rd. In the pictures, Naeun has long hair and is wearing delicate makeup that gives off an innocent atmosphere. She is wearing a beige outfit and looks like a mature female of the fall season.

When talking about her personal makeup style she stated “I tend to just wear BB cream on a daily basis but these days I have a lot of interest in red lipstick” and “I heard that I look different based on the type of makeup I wear.” She also said “I wonder how I would look wearing red lipstick on stage.” You can check out Naeun’s photo shoot in the October issue of ‘SURE’ magazine and see her emotions and femininity.

 She is currently appearing on reality show ‘We Got Married’ with SHINee member Taemin as a pretend married couple and the so-called ‘Taemna’ couple are receiving a lot of love.


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