SHINee show off their manliness for ‘Arena Homme Plus’ and talk about their aspirations!


Group SHINee participated in a photo shoot for the October issue of men’s magazine ‘Arena Homme Plus’.

 SHINee who is known as being ‘synonymous with youth’ showed each member’s charm through five separate covers and have established themselves as icons.

 Each member was able to show their own differentiated concept through the artwork on the covers. The five covers are completely different and we can see the charms of SHINee through them. Fans can also see another area of SHINee’s charms through videos through the magazine’s smartphone application.

 The focus of the pictorial was ‘youth’ and SHINee showed their manly appearance and their overflowing charisma. They also showed another level of maturity through their interviews.

 After receiving praise that he “did well” and that he was “the best”, Minho stated that “I feel like I need to go to the next step after hearing words like that. We have done this much so far so I feel like we need to do even better.” Taemin spoke about SHINee’s appearance in the future and stated “I hope that we can have an image in which people are curious about what kind of people we are” and showed his aspirations.

 You can see SHINee’s pictorial and also their mature selves in the October issue of ‘Arena Homme Plus’.



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