Yoonhoo from ‘Dad, Where Are We Going?’ dances to ‘Bar Bar Bar’ for his girlfriend!


 Yoonhoo of ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’ danced to Crayon Pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and it has become the center of attention.

 Yoonhoo brought his girlfriend Jiwon along on the ‘Friends Special’ episode of ‘Dad, Where Are We Going?’ that was broadcast on the 22nd on MBC.

 Yoonhoo ended up dancing to the song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and also sang along to Cho Yong Pil’s ‘Bounce’ and showed a more lively side to himself. Jiwon couldn’t help but keep smiling during the car ride. Yoonhoo also showed a different side compared to what he normally shows and tried to look tough to his father.

Netizens wrote “Yoonhoo is really cute”, “He kept trying to look cool in front of his girlfriend”, and “He is admirable”, and “He is cool.”

Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/newsview?newsid=20130923084310085


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