Crayon Pop talks about the hardships they faced as unknowns!


Group Crayon Pop talked about the difficulties they faced when they were unknowns.

The group, who become famous for their song ‘Bar Bar Bar and their cylinder dance’, appeared on MBC’s documentary show ‘We Like People’ that was broadcast on the morning of the 28th.

 The show revealed what it was like for Crayon Pop in the past. Fans were saddened when seeing what they dealt with in the winter of last year when they were still unknown.

 They went out in the cold wearing only their tracksuits and danced in the street to promote themselves. They had signs that read “We are Crayon Pop. We will take pictures with you.”

 The head of their agency Chrome Entertainment stated “They had guerilla performances on the street in the cold weather. When I saw them suffering in the street, I felt apologetic towards their parents. I thought that I needed to work hard to make them popular.”



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