SHINee’s Key gets embarassed on stage!


Idol group SHINee has been dominating music shows on all stations.

They recently placed 1st on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on the 31st with their song ‘Everybody’.

The members thanked their fans and the fellow artists in their company. They also had a special ceremony ready for their encore stage. They played a game of rock scissors paper and the loser of the game had to have lipstick put on them. Member Key ended up losing the game.

Key got embarrassed by having red lipstick smeared all over his face and it brought out a lot of laughter. He first said “What is this” but received the punishment.

Onew could not be present on stage due to a neck injury but instead sang in a separate area.



EXO’s new reality show already gets a hot response!


There has already been a hot response for EXO’s upcoming reality show ‘EXO’s Showtime’.

Channel MBC Everyone revealed the website for the show on the 31st.

There was a message that said “Please write your questions on the message board if you have anything you want to ask EXO! They will be answering your questions themselves” and a message board was also created.

There have already been over 3000 messages uploaded on the message board and this again proves EXO’s hot popularity.

The show will have its first episode during the end of November and it will a variety reality show that focuses on questions from fans. Viewers can directly ask questions and real life situations involving EXO that is connected with the particular question will be shown.



Yoo Seungwoo collaborates with Sam Hammington for his comeback stage!


Former ‘Superstar K 4’ contestant Yoo Seungwoo had a comeback stage with the help of Australian comedian Sam Hammington.

He performed his new song ‘U Who?’ at Mnet’s M Countdown on the 31st. He made a comeback after five months and released his debut album in May.

Yoo Seungwoo and Sam Hammington collaborated on stage together. Sam Hammington changed into a rapper and helped bring light to Yoo Seungwoo’s stage.

Yoo Seungwoo showed off his comeback with his trademark emotional voice.

The song was written by Yoo Seungwoo and features San.E. It talks about the first love of a young boy.


Hyori puts up her first picture on Twitter since marriage!


Married woman Lee Hyori uploaded a picture of herself on Twitter. This is the first time that she has done so since her marriage.

She wrote “Don’t work too hard ~~^^ But where is my neck?” and uploaded a picture that looked as if she was on a quiet street in Europe.

She looks cold and is wearing a scarf and beanie. Lee Hyori married Lee Sangsoon in September and is having a long honeymoon in Europe.


Yang Hyunsuk talks about why he agreed to send G Dragon on ‘Weekly Idol’!


YG Entertainment head Yang Hyunsuk willing accepted Jung Hyung Don’s request.

He recently mentioned “I was asked if G Dragon would go on MBC Everyone’s ‘Weekly Idol’ and I accepted right away.” He said “No artist from YG has been on the show before but when Jung Hyung Don asked ‘Can he come on the show?’ I accepted right away.”

The show is hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

Yang Hyunsuk said “I am a fan of ‘Infinite Challenge’ and I liked Jung Hyung Don from when he was on Gag Concert. That is why I accepted.”

Netizens wrote “Yang Hyunsuk is always cool”, and “Will Jung Hyung Don really end up going to YG?”


Uee talks about how the members of her group reacted to her new drama!


After School member Uee talked about how her members reacted to her drama ‘Golden Rainbow’.

The production presentation for the drama opened at Seoul’s 63 City in Yeoido on the 31st.

She said “The After School members are fans of Jung Ilwoo“ and “They never come see me usually because they are busy with their own activities but they said they will come this time and have already mentioned it.”

She said “I feel kind of sad that they are not coming to support me but I will show good acting with Jung Ilwoo when they come.”

When asked about competing with actress Lee Jia and the drama ‘The Woman That Married Three Times’ during the same time slot, she said “I think I will win with strength and healthy charm” and laughed.

Netizens wrote “Who will win? Uee or Lee Jia?”, “Will she show good acting?”, and “She will be a competitor with Cha Yerin.”


IU shows off her short hair in new pictures!


IU’s selcas (self taken pictures) with her short hair have been revealed.

Her recent pictures that were uploaded have become the center of attention.

Mnet’s M Countdown uploaded several pictures of IU on their SNS with the words “The girl with the red shoes and short hair has come back!” and “We are showing the pictures again. She is so pretty.”

One picture shows IU showing off her femininity in a waiting room decorated with balloons and she is wearing a white lace dress and wearing red shoes and showing her back

Another picture shows off her hairstyle and she is looking towards the camera with her hand out and showing off her cute charm.

Netizens wrote “Her short hair is really pretty”, “She is cute”, and “Short hair is the trend.”



Suzy shows off her beauty in outdoor clothing for Beanpole!


Miss A’s Suzy participated in a fan signing event on the 31st in Gangnam’s Hyundai Department Store as part of the ‘Beanpole Outdoor Dove Love Campaign’ and is seen posing for the reporters.

From January 13th to the 18th, Beanpole will be sponsoring ‘Beanpole Outdoor Dove Love Campaign’ and the main event will be ‘Dove Love Campaign Go Glamping in Canada with Suzy’ and people can participate in the contest at Beanpole stores or on the Beanpole website.


Junsu hopes you will show love for his musical ‘December’!


Kim Junsu participated in a showcase for the musical ‘December: The Never Ending Song’ at Seoul’s Sejong Theater on the 31st and is seen posing for the reporters.

The musical ‘December’ celebrates the 50th birthday of Kim Kwangsuk and has 18 songs that he performed, 4 songs he wrote, and also 2 songs that have not been released previously for a total of 24 songs in the musical.

Film director Jang Jin is the director for the musical and features Kim Junsu and many other performers.