AOA’s Seolhyun thrills in new teaser!


Pictures of AOA member Seolhyun’s ‘see-through’ look has become the center of attention.

FNC Entertainment uploaded individual jacket pictures of the members of AOA on the 2nd through their official Facebook site. One of the pictures was of member Seolhyun and she is hiding her lips through a see-through lace ribbon.

She is also wearing a white see-though outfit and is holding up a piece of the lace and she looks both innocent and sexy at the same time. She gives off a dreamlike charm. Her pale skin, sparkling eyes, and her covered lips along with a mysterious expression gained attention.

She has been playing the role of Gong Nari on SBS show ‘Ugly Alert’ as the bright actress younger sister and has brought a lot of enthusiasm to the role. There is more interest in AOA’s comeback as she looks completely different compared to the role that she plays on screen.

Netizens wrote “She is mysteriously sexy even without revealing much”, “Her eyes are the ones that you can fall into”, “Gong Nari is in a girl group? Daebak” and “She has a great beauty.”

A teaser for AOA’s new song ‘Shaking’ will be released at noon through FNC Entertainment’s website on the 4th and the group will make a comeback on the 10th.




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