Crayon Pop films a cf for Cafe Bene!


Group Crayon Pop has been chosen to represent the coffee shop Cafe Bene.

The brand revealed this information on the 4th and Crayon Pop will advertise for a menu item for the fall called ‘Jumping Up and Down Red Bean’ through a music video.

The song will use their popular song ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and will show the special characteristics of the menu item. It will have an addictive sound and melody along with easy lyrics that will introduce the healthy red bean porridge. The video was filmed on the 3rd at Nodeul Island and the Cafe Bene in Sinsa.

The group arrived on site early and appeared in the video as people that share the happiness through the red bean porridge. They again showed off their trademark cylinder dance and received admiration from those watching. Workers from Cafe Bene and youth volunteers also paricipated and 200 people showed offf the dance. Their dance was great watch and gave off a pleasant vibe.



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