Girls’ Generation sing to over 10,000 fans in Singapore!


Girls’ Generation is holding their ‘2013 Girls’ Generation WORLD TOUR~ Girls & Peace and had hot performances in Seoul, Taiwan, Indonesia and also in Singapore.

The group had a performance at 6 p.m. local time in Singapore’s Indoor Stadium and 10,000 fans participated in the performance with enthusiasm.

They opened the concert with the song ‘Hoot’ and sang their songs ‘Gee’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Oh’ and their hit Japanese songs for a total of 25 songs.

SM Entertainment stated “The fans were very passionate and also gave the group a lot of support. They had pink light sticks, various posters, a slogan with ‘One wish is a forever wish’, and also used their cellular phones to light up the arena and it made the members very emotional” and talked about the atmosphere of the arena.

The group will have performances in Hong Kong from November 9-10th at the Asian World-Expo Arena for more hot performances.





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