Chanyeol and Lee Hojung receive praise for their acting in K.Will’s music video!


The acting by EXO member Chanyeol and model Lee Hojung in K. Will’s music video has gained attention.

K. Will’s management Starship Entertainment wrote on their Facebook page on the 16th “EXO’s Chanyeol and model Lee Hojung will be acting as a couple in K.Will’s music video for the new song ‘Why Are You So Countrified?” and also included a picture of the two.

The picture showed Chanyeol and Lee Hojung in an embrace and Chanyeol has a loving expression on his face. Their acting as a couple looked real and drew jealousy from fans.

Director Hong Wongi said “It did not matter that they are young because Chanyeol and Lee Hojung were able to show the complicated emotions regarding love and parting 200% and I want to give them high scores for their acting.”

Netizens wrote “I thought they were dating”, “They match as well as Yeo Jingoo and Ha Yeonsoo”, and “They might actually fall for each other.”


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