Past photos of Ha Yeonsoo become a hot topic!


Past photos of actress Ha Yeonsoo have again become the topic of conversation.

An online community uploaded pictures of the actress with the words ‘Ha Yeonsoo’s past pictures’. The pictures show a younger Ha Yeonsoo with no makeup on her face.

Netizens wrote “Yeo Jingoo will be surprised when he sees these pictures”, “Who is this?” and “Is there anyone who does not have a weird picture from their past?”

The episode of ‘Potato Star 2013QR3’ that was broadcast on the 15th became a hot topic due to a kiss scene between Ha Yeonsoo and Yeo Jingoo.

It was even more surprising as Yeo Jingoo admitted that it was his first kiss ever.

Editor’s rant: I think she looks the same. Why do we always pick on people?!



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