Tony An wants to act with Suzy and Lee Yeonhee!


Singer Tony An picked Suzy and Lee Yeonhee as the actresses he would like to work with.

The episode of QTV’s ’20th Century Young Men’ saw the members of Hot.Sechs.Rg talking about their next project.

Tony said “What do you think about trying out acting?” Danny An then asked him “Who do you want to work with?” to which Tony replied “Suzy or Lee Yeonhee.”

Danny replied “That is the same as me. I also thought of those two.”

Eun Jiwon brought out a lot of laughter as he had to look up Lee Yeonhee on his smartphone as he did not know who she was.

Netizens wrote “Looks like Tony likes Suzy and Lee Yeonhee”, “You want to act with Suzy? Hyeri will be angry” and “Suzy is definitely the trend.”



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