Yeo Jingoo and Ha Yeonsoo share a kiss onscreen! (Potential Spoilers)


The onscreen kiss between Yeo Jingoo and Ha Yeonsoo has become a hot topic online.

The episode of sitcom ‘Potato Star 2013 QR3’ showed the scene on channel tvN on the 15th. Yeo Jingoo is 16 and Ha Yeonsoo is 23 (Korean age).

In the scene, Hong Hyesung (Yeo Jingoo) is trying to comfort Na Jina (Ha Yeonsoo) as her mother used up all of her savings and the two then hear news that an asteroid will collide with the earth. Ha Yeonsoo’s character is all confused and ends up in a hug with Yeo Jingoo’s character and the two suddenly kiss.

Yeo Jingoo previously mentioned in a production presentation that “It was my first kiss scene” and”Ha Yeonsoo noona kept telling me to do things correctly and scolded me.”

Netizens wrote “Yeo Jingoo is a real guy”, “It is romantic”, and “They probably had a lot of retakes.”


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