SHINee’s Jonghyun hilariously tweets about the height differences in Mcs on M Countdown.

SHINee’s Jonghyun was a special MC who MC’ed alongside Kim Woo Bin (187cm) and Jung Joon Young (184cm). Jonghyun posted…

김종현 ‏@realjonghyun90
엠카운트다운! 짤막한 생방송 토크가생겼다!ㅎ 하하하! 근데 엠씨분은 김우빈 씨고 다른 한명은 준영이 형이네…ㅋㅋ….하….엠카가…날미워한다…

Translation: M Countdown! There is a short live talk! Hahaha! But the Mc is Kim Woo Bin and the other one is Joon Young Hyung… keke…HA…M Countdown…must hate me.

Source:@realjonghyun90, jamieee515


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