Former G.O.D member Danny An finds himself in a controversy regarding fan gifts!


Editor’s note: In my own personal opinion, I think what he did was pretty shameless. It seems kind of obvious that he was hoping someone would buy him these gifts. I hope celebrities will not take the generosity of fans for granted.

Former G.O.D member Danny An found himself surrounded in controversy.

An online message board uploaded a picture on the 19th with the words ‘How Danny An gets a jacket’. The picture showed a capture from Danny An’s SNS with a picture of a LG baseball jacket with the words “I want to get this.”

Danny An later uploaded a picture of the actual jacket with the wrods “I finally got it, this jacket. A fan worked really hard to get it and also gave me a figurine. I just need to get playoff tickets now.” He then uploaded a picture of himself at the stadium wearing the jacket.

Netizens reacted by saying “Is this how celebrities get gifts from fans, by writing those sort of words on SNS?”, “Do you think fans will remain still when reading those words?”, and “You need to earn money and you should get things like that through people around you instead.”

Danny An eventually deleted his SNS account. His side (representative) stated “It was not asking for gifts but rather something he uploaded innocently.”



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