Stage actress Lee Yurin causes controversy over remarks about Block B’s Jaehyo!


Stage actress Lee Yurin, who had previously made headlines by talking about a suicide attempt due to unrequited love, has caused controversy on the 21st by writing on her blog that she wanted to have sexual relations with an idol group member.

She had recently written on her blog “I sometimes think like this. I want to have a one night stand with Block B’s Jaehyo. Handsome men make me happy” and uploaded a picture of Jaehyo with the words.

She continued, “Can I meet a man like this if I became famous?” and “I am a hopeless no-name actress. Unrequited love is freedom for me. Whether I like Jaehyo by myself or want to sleep with him, I am not being a stalker by liking a celebrity but just like them in my heart.”

 Block B fans and netizens criticized her for using someone’s real name (in her post). They said it was extreme of her to reveal a name with her writing.



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