Noh Hongchul visit’s Yoseob’s house on ‘I Live Alone’!


Noh Hongchul went to visit BEAST member Yang Yoseob at his home.

He visited Yoseob’s home for the MBC show ‘I Live Alone’ that was broadcast on the 25th and shared with Yoseob his secrets for living alone as he has lived alone for a long time.

Noh Hongchul was surprised to see a broken light as soon as he came into the house. Yoseob explained “It broke but I have not been able to fix it yet.”

Yoseob then offered Noh Hongchul some fruit. It was Yoseob’s first time cutting fruit and he was not able to do it well and he used thick paper instead of a cutting board. He also did not have plates so he used a big bowl to put the fruit in and was embarrassed by the way he lived as he had just started to live independently.

Noh Hongchul then proceeded to cut the fruit. Yoseob said “You do that well” and praised him but Noh Hongchul said “It is not that I do it well but that you do it so poorly.”



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