Things this editor does not understand (Part 1)!


Your editor here has been looking through the news trying to find news to translate for this site. I found an artice praising f(x) member Krystal for her English abilities while acting in the drama ‘Heirs’. From my knowledge (correct me if I am wrong) Krystal was born in America and while she has lived in Korea for quite awhile, she did go to international school and probably used English at school. I have no idea why reporters and netizens are so shocked that her English (or at least her pronunciation) is perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Things this editor does not understand (Part 1)!

  1. Krystal delivered in speaking english.. but it’s not only her pronounciation but her accent is perfect for the South East Asian countries standard becoz it is an american english.
    Well, if LMH, PSH and other cast who spoke engrish in early eps with the same foundation of Krystal then it would have been the same.. In the Western culture that doesnt matter, it is widely respected that english is not the first language of Asian people – of which in the case of Krystal and partly Rachel (KJW) have the foundation of studying english at their early childhood. So, haters please stop talking nonsense about engrish.. that doesnt take you anywhere- just love, love, and love this kdrama Heirs… okay 🙂 Just also look out yourself in which sides you are! Could be WORST.

    • Thanks for your comment. I just want to say that we are not insulting Krystal’s English. We know her English is perfect (as it should be) as she is an American who went to international schools in Korea (lessons are done in English). We think it is silly that she gets lavish praise for what is probably her native tongue. If she spoke perfect Spanish then the praise is warranted. Cheers and thanks for commenting!

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