Chanyeol shares his thoughts about going to Micronesia!


EXO member Chanyeol left for Micronesia on the 29th from Incheon International Airport for the SBS show ‘Laws of the Jungle’.

Chanyeol showed up wearing jeans and a blue baseball jacket. He also had a matching hat and bag. The members of his group EXO were going to film the show ‘Running Man’ with baseball player Ryu Hyunjin and it seemed as if had dressed in the LA Dodgers jacket to match the occasion.

He stated “All the members wore the same clothes today” and I am not jealous (of the other members who are filming with Ryu Hyunjin). I think that though we are apart, we are together at heart and I will fully engage in ‘Laws of the Jungle’.” He also said “The members helped me prepare my clothes and gear.”

Finally he said “I am really scared of bugs but I hope I can get over it while on the show” and received applause when he said this.



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