MLB pitcher Ryu Hyunjin to appear on ‘Running Man’ with EXO!


Pitcher Ryu Hyunjin’s first move since returning to Korea is the show ‘Running Man’.

He will land in Korea on the 29th and will go straight to the filming of ‘Running Man’. This is the second time he appeared on the show as he has previously appeared with fellow MLB player Choo Shinsoo.

The production team is currently in the city of Puyo filming for the show. Ryu Hyunjin will land in the country at 4:30 p.m. and is planning to join the production later.

Ryu Hyunjin is reported to have accepted the offer to appear on the show after receiving a love call. Producers from various shows rushed to get him onto their shows as he was arriving in the country. However, he had already chosen ‘Running Man’. The trend idol group EXO is going to be on the show as his assistants. (Editor’s note: The word used in the article was assistant but it is not clear what they will be doing on the show exactly. Let’s not rush to assumptions until we see the show!). It will be a time for the trend (baseball player) to meet the trend (idols).



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