Actress Park Shinhye shows off some dance moves for a cf!


The ‘barefoot dance’ of actress Park Shinhye has gained attention online.

Her agency S.A.L.T Entertainment uploaded the video of a commercial that she filmed. The video shows her lovely ‘barefoot dance’. She is singing the ‘Chopsticks Song’ in a commercial for Enprani owned makeup brand Holika Holika and is showing off some surprising dance moves.

Park Shinhye previously showed off her dance moves on SBS’s ‘Running Man’ by showing off the Girl’s Day approved dance ‘Suspenders Dance’ and also dancing with Hong Rocky to ‘Bubi Bubi’.

She is wearing a white chiffon dress and shows off her sexiness while barefoot. She also grabbed the hearts of males while showing off her innocent concept.

Park Shinhye is currently receiving a lot of love as Cha Eunsang in SBS’s ‘Heirs’.

Netizens wrote “She is already pretty but she looks like a fairy here”, “The natural beauty dances well as well”, and “What kind of dance will she show next?”



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