Overseas netizens outraged at release of Ailee’s nude pictures!


Note: As the editors of this site are both women, we are pretty disgusted by the release of these pictures of Ailee. We hope that we can keep a certain standard of integrity when sharing news with you all. Thanks.

P.S I have renewed faith in netizens from all over the world for basically all being on Ailee’s side.

As nude pictures of singer Ailee (Lee Yejin) have been leaked, there has been a lot of criticism towards overseas Hallyu information site Allkpop.

Allkpop wrote on the 10th “Purported pre debut nude pictures of Ailee leaked” and uploaded several pictures. The site said “We will not cover up her face” and “You can decide if it is Ailee.”The Allkpop community started to criticize the site and overseas netizens started to leave comments.

Netizen kkr*** wrote “Low level Allpop, I am embarrassed that I visited this site until now” and vip*** wrote “Why did you share these pictures? This is a stupid thing to do.” Man*** wrote “Ok. Let’s say that it is Ailee. What is the problem? These are personal pictures that were not meant to be shared.”

Another wrote “I do not care about these pictures. Ailee is a great singer. That is all that is needed”, “Even if it is Ailee, it is from the past”, and “It has no meaning.”

Ailee’s agency YMC Entertainment said on the afternoon of the 11th that the woman in the pictures were indeed Ailee through an official statement.

They said “While Ailee was living in America she got a casting offer from a (supposed) famous agency to be a lingerie model and she took the pictures in order for a camera test. However, it was revealed that everything was a scam in the end.”

The company is planning to take strong legal action against the person responsible for releasing the pictures for disregarding personal safeguards and releasing the pictures illegally.  

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LS2D&mid=shm&sid1=106&sid2=221&oid=038&aid=0002437748


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