Hyosung’s agency talks about the leaking of Hyosung’s personal information!


Editor’s note: What is up with people and leaking information of celebrities? They are human as well and deserve basic privacy. It is nice to read about them online but let’s not cross lines.

While it was revealed that personal information about Secret member Hyosung had been leaked, it seems as if important information was not released.

Her agency spoke to DongA on the 12th and said “While personal information regarding her status at university has been leaked, her personal identification number was not leaked.”

They also said “Her phone number had changed since then so it looks as if there will not be a large amount of harm done.”

However, her school class number, information regarding about tuition payments and school activities were released. The school and the agency are working together and are working on new verification. Further legal action will be taken after further investigation and after seeing how much harm was done.

A representative from the agency said “Hyosung, who is currently in Vietnam, was very shocked about her personal information being leaked.”

A posting had appeared on an online community site with the words ‘Leaked personal information on Jun Hyosung’. Hyosung is currently a student at Inha University in the Acting Department and her personal information and information regarding her university life were all revealed.

Inha University has stated that they are doing their own investigation.

Hyosung will appear on OCN drama ‘Cheoyong’ in 2014.


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