Your editor reviews EXO’s showtime! (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1)


Hello! This is editor numero uno! I watched all of EXO’s SHOWTIME. Some background info on me… I am Korean and live in Seoul. I was never really interested in EXO during their MAMA days but now I am a noona fan!

The show is based on a question and answer format. Fans can write questions on the official website for MBC Everyone and then questions get selected and asked to the members.

The show starts out with the members going into a cafe (?) in Seoul and they sit down at a large table. There is a big screened television behind them that pops out questions for them. Chanyeol is the one that kind of leads everything along. He does a fairly good job at keeping the atmosphere lively. I did feel that there were some awkward parts especially in the beginning since the members did not seem to know how the time at the café was going to be spent.

I like that the show brings out the characters of the members more. There are so many of them so it is hard for them to get screentime if they go on various shows so this gives each member a bit more time to shine. I find that people in Korea seem to know EXO as a whole but have a hard time distinguishing the members. There always seems to be one member in an idol group that shines (Miss A’s Suzy, SNSD’s Yoona during SNSD’s beginning, etc) but EXO does not seem to have a member that gets a ton of endorsements, dramas, etc in Korea.

The television screen tells the members to check their mics, show off how they feel by actions, etc. I found some of this a tiny bit boring but then they got into the questions. One of the questions asked the members to name which member they think is the best looking. I love how Kris chose HIMSELF (oh, Kris) and D.O ended up picking Baekhyun (remember when he put Baekhyun last at the Weekly Idol ranking? Ha! He makes amends?).

I really like the question in which the members were asked how people can distinguish each member. They even ask other SM groups (TVXQ and Super Junior) to answer this question as well. I will say that I think it is time for the members to stop making fun of Kai’s (and Tao’s) skin color. It does seem as if Kai is uncomfortable about this and it really is time to stop (end rant).

Since this is the first episode, not everything goes smoothly and there does seem to be jumps and cuts that seem out of place. Hopefully the producers will be able to work on the format a bit more as the show goes on.

We learn that Kai loves fried chicken and apparently (according to Chen) is the only person in the world that will order fried chicken at 10 a.m. The members are challenged to a one chicken, one person challenge. This is where one person tries to eat a whole fried chicken order in one sitting. The winner actually turns out to be… Sehun! Kai was defeated by the fried chicken, heh.

The show ends with the members trying to come up with an ending pose for the show. Suho shows off his awkwardness as usual and insists that his pose is the best.There are also previews for the next show which looks MUCH better since you can actually see what their lives are like! They go bike riding! They go to the movies!  I did see girls following them and taking pictures of them which is kinda… scary.

Overall, the show needs work but I see potential. I hope that the awkwardness will be ironed out and you can see more of the members and their charms!

End review!

-Editor 1

Photo credit: MBC Everyone!


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