Naeun is moved by Eunji’s words during traditional wedding ceremony on ‘We Got Married’!


Son Naeun showed tears during the congratulatory speech given by Jung Eunji.

The episode of ‘We Got Married’, that was broadcast on the 30th, showed Taemin and Naeun having a traditional wedding ceremony.

 Fellow A Pink member Jung Eunji appeared as a guest and gave a congratulatory speech.

Eunji said “Naeun has a deep heart and she does not say much about her own thoughts since she does not want to hurt others” and “Sometimes her actions might come off a bit awkwardly but you can see her true side coming through. I sincerely congratulate my younger singer” and shared her true feelings.

Naeun showed tears at Eunji’s words and Eunji received attention as she seemed a bit nervous during this.

Netizens wrote “Eunji unni is the best”, “She is cool”, and “It must have looked sincere.”






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