Wonder Girls member Hyelim would like to appear on ‘We Got Married’ with K Will!


Wonder Girls member Hyelim chose singer K Will as the person she would to have a pretend marriage with!

She was on her show Arirang TV’s ‘Pops in Seoul’ with 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Jinwoon and she chose her ideal partner as singer K Will.

Hyelim talked with Jo Kwon and Jinwoon about how they became more familiar to the public through the show (We Got Married) and she was asked “What person would you like to be in a pretend marriage with?”

Hyelim chose K Will without any hesitation. She says that she likes people with good voices and said “K Will’s voice is not only good but I like his personality on variety shows as well.”

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LS2D&mid=shm&sid1=106&sid2=221&oid=020&aid=0002501491


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