Park Shinhye celebrates the tenth anniversary of her debut!


Actress Park Shinhye had a party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her debut.

Her agency SALT Entertainment shared some photos of the party on the 4th. It was a surprise party that took place on the set of SBS drama ‘Heirs’ on the 3rd. That was the exact date of the anniversary. She debuted on December 3rd 2003 in the SBS drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as the child counterpart to actress Choi Jiwoo’s character of Jung Seo.

She is shown in the picture holding a cake and smiling. She is also with fellow actor and college classmate Kang Haneul.

Park Shinhye wrote a note of thanks on her Twitter and said “Thank you for the many congratulatory messages. There are a lot of joyful things this year. I think I will spend the end of the year well thanks to all of you. I really thank you” and shared her thoughts about the party as well.

Netizens wrote “It is daebak”, “She must be hapy”, “She became a top actress”, and “Congratulations.”




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