Yoona talks about why she chose the drama ‘The Prime Minster and Me’!


Girls’ Generation member Yoona talked about the reason why she chose the drama ‘The Prime Minister and Me’.

She appeared at the presentation for the drama at the Grand Ballroom in Seoul with Lee Bumsoo, Yoon Siyoon, Chae Jungan, and Ryujin..

When asked why she chose the drama she said “I have not done a lot of dramas before but the character of Nam Dajung is silly and falls apart a lot and I thought I could play her well. She is a lot like me.”

She also said “That is why I feel comfortable a lot during acting. This character is the most Im Yoona like compared to the other works I have done. I wanted to act comfortably.”

She then said “The people that are around me and the fans will know this but many people think I have an innocent image. I will show my true self through this drama. I will act in a way that is most like myself.”  

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LS2D&mid=shm&sid1=106&sid2=221&oid=057&aid=0000227929


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